#English3PHonors #SocraticSeminar on #MarkTwain #StudentEvaluation

Overall Score: 4.35

Liked: Discussed many themes and connections to real world. Interesting conversation with wide discussion from most participants.  Started to correlate justice to the texts and morals and values.  How participants used evidence from texts. Good points that covered topics.  Use of logical reasons. Like to learn about moral sense and how it causes greed. Got to hear different views of morals. Ideas of Realist literature could be adapted to modern society. Everyone’s ideas related one way or another. We connected the two texts (x2). Seminar explained the jumping frog. Discussion integrated views of justice. Very active outer circle during discussion. Very good flow and clarification was always available to keep conversation going and went into different topics organically.  No awkward silence!(x2)  Interesting!

Learned: About human forces that drive us (x2). Relationship between greed and power (x 2) The relationship between justice and stories.  Moral sense in the wrong hands can lead to darkness and evil.  Society should change morals to improve society. We must keep our moral sense! What the Jumping Frog really means (x2). How hu/man’s moral sense is the ultimate downfall. Animals can be better than humans. Moral sense can cause conflict but can be good. Greed can shape moral sense. Gaining power can destroy moral sense. Connection between human nature and justice. Despite moral sense being considered a defect by Twain, it also help us as individuals.  The purpose and message of “The Celebrated Jumping Frog.”  Mark Twain’s ideals and how they related to historical context and recurring themes. How having moral sense can cause individuality!

Room for Improvement: Make questions more related to Overarching Topic. Focus more on texts equally (x2).  Better system that incorporates everyone’s views and voices (x8).  More evidence! More participation (x3) More students providing their questions (x6).   Outer Circle has to chill!  Wait for inner circle to finish speaking (x2) Everyone participated but we should wait for other to speak. Maybe twice before jumping back into the conversation.