Creative Writing Weekly Updates: 1.10-1.14

Monday: Figurative Language Poems


1.  REFLECTION & DISCUSSION: Check out Emotions Handout, Choose from one of these and freewrite on the emotion that best describes how you feel today.

2. Figurative Language Poems: Choose your favorite emotion, the emotion you feel today, the emotion you never want to feel.  Write a poem about each.

Tuesday: Food Memory Poems


1.  REFLECTION & DISCUSSION: What is your favorite food? When do you eat it? What are its ingredient? What does it taste like? With whom do you eat this?

2. Read Li Young Lee’s poem “Eating Together”: Why is this meal important? Who is there and who is missing? How is it different than previous meals?

3. Write Food Memory Poems

Wednesday: Personified Objects Poem


1.  REFLECTION & DISCUSSION: Make a list of objects that play an important role in your everyday life. Share your list with your partner and explain why you selected them.  Discuss what you feel these objects represent for you.

2. Read “Mirror” by Sylvia Plath, Write a personified object poem

Thursday: Personified Object Poem #2


1.  REFLECTION & DISCUSSION: Finish your Personified Object POEMS and Share in Pods.  While you listen to colleagues. Give Props, state what pops, and ask a What if Question.  Choose one to read to class.

2. Write Personified Object Poem #2

Friday: Writing Workshop at Computer Lab