This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 9.10-9.14

Period 1: AP Seminar

Monday: 1.) Close Reading AP Sem 2.) What is the purpose of education? 3.) MLK Quote Analysis 4.) Analysis: “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters” by Francisco Goya

Tuesday: 1.) Goya OPTIC Analysis 2.) “The Allegory of the Cave” by Plato

H.W. Notebooks due Friday! 

Wednesday: Collaboration Day! 1.) “The Allegory of the Cave” by Plato

Thursday: 1.) Gallery Walk: “How classrooms look around the world” by Valerie Strauss (Photo Essay) 2.) “Encouraging Learning” by Hsun Tzu

H.W.) Read and annotate  “Dropping out of College” by Rainford Stauffer (newspaper editorial)

Friday: Socratic Chairs Do you agree or disagree with  “Dropping out of College” by Rainford Stauffer (newspaper editorial)? Why or why not?

H.W. Instagram Tag or Google Class @AlbasClassGGHS: Photo Answer to “What is the purpose of education?” Video Interviews or Photo Essay (Keep it Academic!) by Friday.  Include #Hashtags 

Period 2 & 6: Mexican American Literature and Culture

Monday: 1.) Family Search #2 2.) Identity Corners

Tuesday: Philosophical Chairs  Prep

Wednesday: Collaboration Day Philosophical Chairs  Prep

Thursday: 1.) Why Ethnic Studies by Ron Espiritu 2.) “How I became a Mexican” by Frank Mundo from  Ban This: A BSP Anthology of Xican@ Literature 3. Analytical Summary of Frank Mundo’s “How I Became a Mexican”

Friday: 1.)Notebook Check: Rubric  Project Choice a.) Judge my book by its cover b..) “How I became” Poems c. Family Stories

Period 3 & 4: English 3P Honors

Monday: 1.) Family Search and Research 2.) Introduction to Collection 1: Coming to America

Tuesday: 2.) What is TIEAC? 2.) 1A. Summer Novel Reader Response b. 2A. Sample Response Q. 2.) Immigration Gallery Walk

H.W. Notebooks due Friday 9/14, The Crucible Novel Response due Friday 9/21

Wednesday: 1. First Read “Of Plymouth Plantation” by William Bradford p. 5

Thursday: Second Read of William Bradford’s “Of Plymouth Plantation” by completing Summary Template 2.) Bradford Coffee House Discussion

Friday: 1.) Notebook Check: Rubric 2.) Bradford Coffee House Discussion