This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 9.4-9.7

Period 1: AP Seminar

Tuesday: 1.)  Q.U.E.S.T for Beauty Group Presentations: DirectionsRubric

Wednesday: 1.) Beauty Presentations Reflections and Critical Feedback

Thursday: 1. The Art of Explanation 2.) Individual Goals for Presentation

Friday: Individual Goals for Presentation: Take 2! Watch your presentation video and complete the reflection form in Google Classroom.

Period 2, 6: Mexican American Literature and Culture

Tuesday: 1.) Family Search (Lines of Communication) 2.) What are “The Dangers of a Single Story” according to Chimamanda Ngonzi Adichie?  Do you agree? Why or why not?

Wednesday: 1. “In Lak-Ech” by Luis Valdez

Thursday: 1.) Why not Ethnic Studies? 2.)Philsophical Chairs (Handout)

Friday: 2.)  Race, Ethnicity, NationalityIdentity Corners

Period 3, 4: English 3P Honors

Tuesday: Socratic Seminar #1 : Socratic Seminar Evaluation Form

Wednesday: 1.) Socratic Seminar Reflection 2.) Rubric Analysis Anchor Calibrations & Writing Self-Assessment & Goal Setting

ThursdayAnchor Calibrations  Writing Self-Assessment & Goal Setting

Friday: Writing Self-Assessment & Goal Setting Pick up Textbooks & Writing Self-Assessment & Goal Setting