This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 4.15-4.19

AP Seminar: Period 1

This week AP Seminar Scholars will use PEER REVIEW PROCESS to revise Performance Task 2: IWA and will practice IMPs by completing a FlipGrid Video and performing a TECH Rehearsal with peers.  

Monday: IWA Peer Revisions: Row 1 & 2 (IWA Peer Review Guide)

Tuesday: 1. IWA Peer Revisions: Row 3 & 4 (IWA Peer Review Guide) 2. FlipGrid Videos

H.W. Dates to remember 4/19 Tech Rehearsal, 4/22 Dress Rehearsal, 4/25 Final IMP, 4/26 IWA

Wednesday: 1. IWA Peer Revisions: Row 5 & 6 (IWA Peer Review Guide)

Thursday: 1. IWA Revisions: Row 7-9 (IWA Peer Review Guide)

Friday: IMP Prep Analyze Anchor Presentations and Rubrics

Mexican American Literature: Period 2, 6

This week MexAmLit Scholars will build an understanding of the historical context of Mexican American identity by writing EKPHRASTIC POEMS based on John Gasts’s “American Progress”  and Lalo Alcaraz’s “Never Forget.” 

Monday: 1.) The Metanarrative of Manifest Destiny Terms 2.) Ekphrastic Poems

Tuesday: 1.)  Reading:  “The Great Nation of Futurity” by John O’Sullivan“The Power of an Idea” by Miguel Ángel González Quiroga, “Native American Displacement Amid U.S. Expansion” A Conversation With R. David Edmunds from University of Texas at Dallas,

Wednesday:  1. Lalo Alcaraz Background Video ” “Never Forget” by Lalo Alcaraz SOAPS

Thursday: The (Meta/Counter)narrative of Manifest Destiny Dialogue Poems or Black Out Poems

Friday: “The Head of Joaquin Murrieta” by John Valadez

English 3P Honors: Period 3, 4

This week English 3P Honors Scholars will develop Inquiry Focus for a curation project on the Harlem Renaissance and use e-link to build a digital literature review.

Monday: Question Formulation Technique on The Harlem Renaissance

Tuesday: 1.) Pick up The Great Gatsby 2.) Group Research Plan and Outline

Wednesday: 1.) The Great Gatsby Series: Literary Circles and Study Plan 2.) Harlem Renaissance Inquiry Project

H.W. Read & Complete Chapter Summary for The Great Gatsby Chapter 1-3 by Monday: Describe Nick Carraway and identify the features that make him an example of archetypal unreliable narrator.

Thursday: Harlem Renaissance Inquiry Project

Friday: Harlem Renaissance Inquiry Project