This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 4.8-4.12

AP Seminar: Period 1

This week AP Seminar Scholars will begin to prepare for Performance Task 2 by evaluating AP Research Practice Presentations and writing the IWA Conclusion and Call to Action.

Monday: AP Research Peer Reviews: Meet in Ms. Galindo’s Room

Tuesday: AP Research Peer Reviews

H.W. IWA (Rubric) Typed Draft #1 Due See Google Classroom for Instructions!

Wednesday (Late Start): IWA Timed Write: Conclusion and Call to Action

Thursday: IWA Peer Review Revision Guide

Friday: IMP Prep Analyze Anchor Presentations and Rubrics

Mexican American Literature: Period 2, 6

This week MexAmLit Scholars will build an understanding of the historical context of Mexican American identity by analyzing the documentary “Foreigners in Their Own Land” and writing EKPHRASTIC POEMS based on John Gasts’s “American Progress.”  

Monday: “Foreigner in their Own Land” Cornell Notes

Tuesday: 1.) Evaluate Chapter 1 of Portfolio 2.) Finish Cornell Notes on “Foreigners in their Own Land”

Wednesday (Late Start): Finish “Foreigners in their Own Land” 2.) “Definition ” Luis Alberto Urrea: Quick Analysis

Thursday: “Foreigners in their Own Land” Expository Summary

Friday: Black Out Poems based on Metanarrative of Manifest Destiny

English 3P Honors: Period 3 & 4

This week English 3P Honors scholars will learn the definition and historical context of American Modernism, by analyzing poetry and participating in a GALLERY WALK.

Monday: Introduction to Modernism 1.) “A Dream Deferred” by Langston Hughes Quick Analysis 2.) Historical Context of American Modernism

Tuesday: 1.) Historical Context and Features of American Modernism 2.) 3-2-1 Check In

Wednesday: Introduction to The Harlem Renaissance

Thursday:1.) Harlem Renaissance Intro Notes Harlem Renaissance Video 2.)  ReadingHARLEM INTELLECTS Gallery Walk & Dialectical Journal 3.  Post Reading3-2-1 Check In

Friday: Curation Project on the Harlem Renaissance