This week in Ms. Alba’s Class 10.28-11.1

Period 1:  Mexican American Literature & Culture

This week, Mexican American Literature & Culture will use questioning to find meaning in the Aztec sun stone, write Ekphrastic Poem inspired by David Botello’s murals, and learn about La Llorona.

Monday: 1.) Finish Let the Stone Speak & Present: Video 2.) Type “Read Between the Lines” Ekphrastic Poems

Tuesday: “Dreams of Flight” Ekphrastic Poems

Wednesday: Type Ekphrastic Poems

Thursday: Watch Inocente

Friday: Introduction to La Llorona

Period 2 & 3:  AP Seminar

This week, AP Seminar after completing Question Formulation Technique will complete a mini Annotated Bibliography on the TOPIC choice for “What if at Grove” Inquiry Project and begin to search for ACADEMIC sources to UNDERSTAND and ANALYZE the problem addressed by the project.  

Monday: Finish Group Research Proposal

Tuesday: QFT #2: What if at Grove

Wednesday: Avoiding CRAAP sources by using SOAPS and Academic Sources via EBSCOHost

Thursday: SOAPS to Analyze Crediblity

Friday: EOC #2 Midterm: 1.) Identify Argument 2.) Analyze Line of Reasoning 3.) Evaluate Crediblity

English 3P Honors

This week, English 3P Honors scholars will use the writing process to revise and write a literary analysis essay on themes of assimilation and the immigration experience as they apply to Jhumpa Lahiri’s novel, The Namesake.  

Monday: Timed Write Essay Revision

H.W. Revised essay must be 800-1000 words typed MLA style and include works cited page.  See this link for resources and support.  You will turn in a hard AND digital copy.  Turn in Window is 10/30-11/4

Tuesday: Quarter 1 Benchmark

Wednesday: a. THESIS STATEMENTS b.  Power Verbs c.  Academic Terms d.  Integrating Quotes

Thursday: Type Essay in class

Friday: Building a Democracy Introduction