This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 11.4-11.8

Mexican American Literature: Period 1

This week in Mexican American Literature and Culture, scholars will use PVLEG to present original poetry inspired by David Botello’s “Read Between the Lines” and “Dreams of Flight” as well as complete a Semester Portfolio.

Monday: Finish “Ekphrastic Poems”

Tuesday: 1. Use PVLEG to read poem on FlilpGrid.  2.  Unit 1 Portfolio Guide

Wednesday: Use Canva to create Portfolio Cover.

Thursday: Work On Portfolio

Friday: Watch Inocente

AP Seminar: Period 2 & 3

This week AP Seminar Scholars will complete EOC Section 1 as their midterm exam, and begin annotated bibliography for Team Multimedia Presentation #1.

Monday: EOC Section 1 Exam

Tuesday: Revision for EOC Section 1

Wednesday: (LATE START) What is an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY?  How do you write one?

Thursday: Use SOAPS to write Annotated Bibliography

Friday: Finish Annotated Bibliography

English 3P Honors: Period

This week English 3P Honors scholars will be introduced to Collection 2: Building a Democracy by participating in Four Corners Discussion and writing a comparison of The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.

Monday: Democracy 4 square

Tuesday: Building a Democracy Compare Foundational Documents using SOAPS

  1. Jefferson Notes 2.) The Declaration of Independence 3.)  H.W. Read The Constitution in The Close Reader and Complete SOAPS

Wednesday: Building a Democracy Compare Foundational Documents using SOAPS

  1.  Review The Consitution SOAPS 2. Comparative Summary for  The Declaration of Independence & The Constitution

Thursday: 1. Compare democratic ideals and evaluate their impact on American government by reading Ron Chernow’s “Thomas Jefferson & Alexander Hamilton: The Best of Enemies” p. 141 in the Textbook.

Friday:  Analyze the purpose of Chernow’s historical article by completing SOAPS.