This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 11.18-11.22

Mexican American Literature: Period 1

This week in Mexican American Literature, students will read multiple perspectives on Manifest Destiny and create a poetry collection that conveys their learning.

Monday: 1. Notebook Set Up 2. The Metanarrative of Manifest Destiny 3.  Close Read,  “The Great Nation of Futurity” by John O’Sullivan“The Power of an Idea” by Miguel Ángel González Quiroga, “Native American Displacement Amid U.S. Expansion” A Conversation With R. David Edmunds from the University of Texas at Dallas

Tuesday: 1.  Discussion Groups: Share and compare annotations 2. “Never Forget” by Lalo Alcaraz

Wednesday: Ekphrastic Poems inspired by John Gast and Lalo Alcaraz

Thursday: Dialogue Poems

Friday:  Guest Speaker Dani Garcia, artist

AP Seminar: Period 2 & 3

This week AP Seminar Scholars will finish annotated bibliographies and begin synthesizing ideas in a well-organized presentation that integrates multiple lenses and perspectives.  

Monday: Work on Annotated Bibliography

Tuesday: “Death by Powerpoint” and  Rubric 2.  Explore presentation options and choose a.) Prezi b.) Canva c.) Piktochart

Wednesday: 1.) Organizing your slides by disciplinary lenses 2.) Meeting Worksheet

Thursday:  Work on Slides

H.W. Slideshow due on Monday, December 1st: Rubric

Friday: Work on Slides

English 3P Honors

Monday: Introduction to Debate

Tuesday: Prep Day 1

Wednesday: 1.  What is an Annotated BibliographyHow do you make one using SOAPS)? Debate Prep Day 2: After being given Debate Stance using previous Building a Democracy: Four Square Discussion stances and outline team member roles using TEAM DEBATES: Directions (PDF).

H.W. SELECT TWO Sources from the COLLECTION 2: Building a Democracy and Research TWO CREDIBLE SOURCES to defend your group’s stance.  Create an Annotated Bibliography with an analytical summary of all your sources.  This will be due on Debate Day: Wednesday and Thursday, December 4 & 5.