English 3P: 2.23-2.27 Notes and Handouts

UNIT GOAL: Write an expository essay that evaluates how REALIST artists and author’s effectively use ethos, pathos, and/or logos to communicate and support and their ideas about (in)justice.

marktwain_cc_img_0Week’s Objectives: After reading Mark Twain’s “The Lowest Animal” students will be able to write a paragraph that analyzes and evaluates the author’s philosophical attitude and use of ETHOS, PATHOS, and LOGOS as support.

2.23 Read and annotate “The Lowest Animal”by Mark Twain

2.24 Read and annotate “The Lowest Animal”by Mark Twain

2.25 “The Lowest Animal” Dialectical Journal & SOAPS

2.26  “The Lowest Animal” & Man’s Capacity for Justice according to Twain: Socratic Seminar Preparation

2.27 Socratic Seminar: Is man capable of JUSTICE? Socratic Seminar Evaluation Guide

This weekend Study for “The Lowest Animal” Progress Check on Monday 3.2 which will measure ability to:

* Describe Mark Twain’s background.

* Identify and evaluate the author’s philosophical view and attitude in “The Lowest Animal”

* Explain how the author’s use SATIRE and IRONY in addition to the rhetorical triangle helps to convey views.