English 3P Honors: Handouts and Notes for 2.2-2.6


UNIT GOAL: Write an expository essay that evaluates how REALIST artists and author’s effectively use ethos, pathos, and/or logos to communicate and support and their ideas about (in)justice

2.2 Quarter 3 Syllabus Honors

2.3 What is Reality? and Introduction to Justice

2.3 B: HW: Read “The Rise of Realism” by Gary Arpin pp. 382-395 and Create Cornell Notes labeled 2.3B this should include summary that prepares you to answer the questions:

1.) How and when did American writers and poets respond to the Civil War? 2.) What are the basic characteristics of realism? 3.) What did the naturalist writers believe?

2.4 Introduction to Realism: Notes

2.5 Historical Context of Realism Gallery Walk: Dialectical Journal

2.6 The Rise of Realism by Gary Arpin Notes & Rhetorical Appeals in Abolitionist Propaganda

H.W. Read “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass” pp. 396-404 & complete SOAPS and Rhetorical Analysis as item 2.8