English 3P Honors: 3.16-3.20 Notes and Handouts

UNIT GOAL: Write an expository essay that evaluates how REALIST artists and author’s effectively use ethos, pathos, and/or logos to communicate and support and their ideas about (in)justice.

Week’s Objectives: After reading selections of American Realist literature, students will be able to analyze and evaluate the literary movement’s philosophical attitude through essay revisions and a Socratic Seminar discussion.

3.16 Progress Check Revision and Evaluation, Realism Final Directions and Rubric

3.17 Realism and Justice Reflection, Realism Gallery Walk

3.18 Socratic Seminar Preparation: Socratic Seminar Preparation Notes

3.19 Socratic Seminar Day 1: Socratic Seminar Evaluation Guide

3.20 Socratic Seminar Day 2: Socratic Seminar Evaluation Guide