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Overall Score: 2.3 = D

Liked: Toward the end of the discussion, comments were more insightful. The discussion on religion. Switching the inner and outer circle so all had a chance to speak.Outer circle participation.  Questions that made us think. People had something to say about others opinions. Class was able to have conversation about opinions. People were willing to speak out. Second session had more participation. The outer circle participated and helped the conversation keep going (x2).  Twain’s uses facts to describe religion as a conflict. Arguments were based on both opinion and experience.  Interesting conversations. Hot Seat. Passionate about opinions and beliefs.

Learned: The role of religion and conflict (x 2). How human will fight for what they believe in (x2). How Twain uses rhetorical triangle.  Use of imagery to show point of difference. Lots of conflict with disagreement. Even with rules to prevent dilemmas we still bend and break those. Classmates views on society. Discussing how far humans can go with only their will. Twain uses imagery to help readers understand his point. Religions are complicated. Humans may not be a dominant species. Religion is important to all. Religion’s role in the way people ac (x2)t.

Room for Improvement: Provide more details to explain what we mean.  More participation (x 10). The essay was difficult and satire caused confusion.  Work on more preparation to understand the story.  Be more specific and clear when writing questions.  More classroom exercises to build community and rapport between students. Story more related to students. Mark Twain was a trip.  We have difficult time understanding his combination of satire, humor, and philosophy.  Teacher should call on people (x 2).  Limiting participation of outer circle.  More direct references to text. More details. We miss Mark Garcia!  Hard to tell when they are going to speak!  Anxiety with new classmates.  Feeling judged by others and being afraid that comments are going to be taken personal.