Weekly Updates 9.11-9.15

AP Seminar: Period 1

Monday: 1.) Beauty Reflection Share Out 2.)  The QUEST to Define Beauty Team Assignment: Min Research Project Rubric

H.W. Prepare Beauty Presentation: Conduct additional research as a means to gather additional evidence to support and defend your claim. Presentations Due on Wednesday.

Tuesday: 1.) The Art of Explanation: Lee LeFever: Cornell Notes  2. The QUEST to Define Beauty Team Assignment 3.) Mini Research Project Rubric

H.W. Plan and create your presentation. Your presentation must be approximately 2-3 minutes, include some multimedia component, and be more than just your group reading your written argument. Presentations Due on Wednesday.

Wednesday: 1.) The QUEST to Define Beauty Team Assignment Presentations Mini Research Project Rubric 2.) QUEST for Beauty Reflection

Thursday: Practice Exam II: Section II Rubric

Friday: Presentation and Revision Presentation1 Debriefs & 3.6 Beauty Reflection.

English 3P Honors: Period 2,5,6

Monday: 1.) Socratic Seminar Debrief & Reflection 2.) Family Search and Research

H.W. N/A

Tuesday: 1.) Pick up Textbooks 2.) Sign up for online textbooks (https://my.hrw.com) & Google Classroom (Class Code: jihiOf) 3.) Exploration and Settlement p. 3: 3-2-1 Check In

H.W. N/A

Wednesday:  Close Read “Of Plymouth Plantation” by William Bradford p. 5

ThursdayClose Read “Of Plymouth Plantation” by William Bradford p. 5

Friday: 1.) Bradford CoffeeHouse Discussion “Of Plymouth Plantation”

H.W. Prep for Progress Check #1 on Monday. Summarize (Summary Template) “Of Plymouth Plantation”

Mexican American Literature & Culture

Monday: 1.) Intro to terms: Identity Corners & Philsophical Chairs (Handout)

Tuesday: Philosophical Chairs Prep: Philsophical Chairs (Handout)

Wednesday: Philosophical Chairs Prep: Philsophical Chairs (Handout)

Thursday: Finish “Half Like Me” by Al Madrigal

Friday: Why Ethnic Studies? a.) Outlawed in Arizona b) . Why ethnic studies programs are good for California, and America – LA Times

c. Rift in Arizona as Latino Class Is Found Illegal &  “Why Long Beach Needs Ethnic Studies


  1. Comparative Summary: Compare the arguments for and against Ethnic Studies 2.) Socratic Seminar #1