Weekly Updates: 2.12-2.16

AP Seminar: Period 1

This week, AP Seminar Scholars will utilize Individual Research Report Rubric to revise and peer review projects and rehearse Team Multi-Media Presentation.

Monday: No School.

Tuesday:  1.) Performance Assessment Task 1: Team Multimedia Presentation Structure 2.) Presentation Analysis: a. Student Examples 1 b. Student Example 2 c. TMP Rubric 2.) ACOVA to prepare presentation

Wednesday: 1.) Team Multi-Media Presentation: AP Capstone Seminar Handouts 1 and 2 ( TMP Rubric) 2. PT1 TMP Presentation Outline 1

H.W. Apply Peer Feedback to IRR Revisions

Thursday: Team Presentation Tech Rehearsals: Reflection (PVLEG CHECK)

Friday:Team Presentation Tech Rehearsals: Reflection (PVLEG CHECK)

English 3P Honors: Period 2,5, 6

This week, students will share multimedia speeches inspired by 19th Century Speeches and Documents addressing FREEDOM and analyze their significance to contemporary American Society and Politics.  

Monday: No School

Tuesday 1.) Who read it best: Morgan Freeman v. Danny Glover v. James Earl Jones  2.)  Presentation & Speech Rubric

Wednesday: 1.) Presentation & Speech Rubric

Thursday: Intro to Kate Chopin

1.) Presentation & Speech RubricPrep Speeches

Friday: Speech Reflection and Self-Evaluation

Creative Writing: Period 3

Monday: No School

Tuesday: 1.) Room with a View Freewrite 2.

Wednesday: 1.) Sometimes it Rains in April but what happened to Tracy? 2.) Introduction to Lerman Method for Critical Feedback in the arts.

Thursday:  1.) Story 1 Draft

Friday: 1.) Continue Story 1 Draft 2.) Feedback Circles