Unit 3: Realism

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“Realism is nothing more and nothing less than the truthful treatment of material.” –William Dean Howells, “Editor’s Study,” Harper’s New Monthly Magazine (November 1889


Unit Essential Questions:

1.  What is JUSTICE?  What are the defining characteristics of a JUST country?

2.  How did American Realists view JUSTICE?

3. How did American REALIST views about JUSTICE as expressed in autobiography, essays, and short stories define the “American” as an idea and the United States of America as a political and cultural entity?

4.  How did views of JUSTICE  as expressed in REALIST literature in U.S. history inspire and shape artistic, cultural, and political movements?

5.  How have American REALIST writers and artists influenced current “American” values and politics?

 Unit Goal:

UNIT GOAL: Write an expository essay that evaluates how REALIST artists and author’s effectively use ethos, pathos, and/or logos to communicate and support and their ideas about (in)justice.

Unit Terms:

Realism, verisimilitude, vernacular, dialect, justice, slave narratives, abolitionists, propaganda, claim, ethos, pathos, logos, call to action, satire, parody, irony, point of view, sequence of events, regionalism, exageration, hyperbole

Objective 1:  Philosophical and Historical Contexts

Students can define features of American Realism as a cultural and intellectual movement that arose out of conditions of late 19th Century by completing notes and summarizing knowledge in formal paragraph.

I.  Pre-Reading: What is Reality? & Introduction to Justice

II.  Reading: Introduction to Realism

III: Post-Reading: Historical Context of Realism Gallery Walk

Objective 2: JUSTICE in American Realist Literature

By reading and annotating American Realist literature, students will be able to 1.)  evaluate philosophical attitudes and views of “justice” and 2.) analyze the effect of imagery, figures of speech, and use of rhetorical devices such as ethos, pathos, and logos across genres.

Frederick_Douglass_c1860sA.  Rhetoric of Slave Narratives: Douglass, Frederick.  “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.” pp.398-404

I.  Pre-Reading: Background Video, Abolitionist Propaganda, Introduction to Frederick Douglass

II.  Reading: Dialectical Journal

III.  Post Reading: SOAPS

 Web Resources: http://www.frederickdouglass.org/douglass_bio.html

marktwain_cc_img_0B. Realist Satire & Social Change: Twain, Mark. The Lowest Animal pp. 468-477

I. Pre-Reading: Regional Realism Background Video, Twain Notes

II.  Reading: Dialectical Journal, SOAPS

III. Post-Reading: The Lowest Animal” & Man’s Capacity for Justice according to Twain: Socratic Seminar Preparation

Web Resources: The Official Website of Mark Twain http://www.cmgww.com/historic/twain/

AbierceC. Psychological Realism: Bierce, Ambroce. “Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge.” pp. 423-431

I.  Pre-Reading: Ambroce Bierce’s Civil War & Bierce Notes

II.  Reading: Dialectical Journal, SOAPS

III:  Post Reading: Socratic Seminar

Web Resources: “The Many Deaths of Ambroce Bierce” http://www.theparisreview.org/blog/2014/10/17/very-trustworthy-witnesses/

Objective 3: Socratic Seminar

By participating in a Socratic Seminar, students will be able to synthesize views of JUSTICE communicated by Realist author’s and thinkers and evaluate the relevance of their ideas to contemporary American culture and values.

I.  Pre-Speaking: Cornell Notes and Question Guide

II.  Speaking: Socratic Seminar Powerpoint

III.  Post Speaking: Activity Evaluation and assessment

Objective 4: MLA Style Essay

UNIT GOAL: Write an expository essay that evaluates how REALIST artists and author’s effectively use ethos, pathos, and/or logos to communicate and support and their ideas about (in)justice.

I. RealismFinal

II.  Revisions: http://www.paperrater.comMLA RULES

III.  www.turnitin.com (instructions for turnitin.com click here)