Weekly Updates: 1.29-2.2

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AP Seminar: Period 1

This week, AP Seminar Scholars will utilize Individual Research Report Rubric to revise and peer review projects.

Monday: Non Student Day

Tuesday: Students will use Self-Review to revise first draft of Individual Research Report (IRR Rubric) and check to ensure that it is written for academic audience (6A-B), that is accurately attributes and cites all sources used (5A),

  1. Peer-Review: Revise for Rubric Row 5-6

Wednesday:  Students will ensure that research sources are in conversation (4A-B) by Putting Sources in Conversation w/ Academic Conversation Templates (1)

Thursday: Students will ensure that research sources are in conversation (4A-B) by Putting Sources in Conversation w/ Academic Conversation Templates (1)

Friday: Students will use Peer Review Document to provide peers with feedback on Individual Research Report.Individual Research Report Team Roundtables.

English 3P Honors: Period 2,5, 6

This week, students will discuss concept of FREEDOM and analyze its redefinition as a result of the American Civil War.  

Monday: Non Students Day

Tuesday  Identify HISTORICAL CONTEXT that inspired ideas about FREEDOM in 19th Century Political Speeches.

Agenda: 1. Robeson Collection Quote Analysis 2. H.W. Read: “Civil War and Reconstruction” p. 277

Wednesday: 1.) Views of Freedom Discussion 2.) Gallery Walk

H.W. Complete Summary Template for “Emancipation Proclamation” by Abraham Lincoln

Thursday: 1.) Views of Freedom Graffitti Wall 2.)”Emancipation Proclamation” Summary Check 2.)  “Second Inaugural Address” Close Read: A New Birth of Freedom: Lincoln Douglass

H.W. Read “Declaration of Sentiments” by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and complete SOAPS  analysis.  

Friday: 2.) Frederick Douglass: Background Video 2.) “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July“Close Read: A New Birth of Freedom: Lincoln Douglass

H.W. Begin “Views of Freedom” Photo Essay DUE: Wednesday 2/7

Creative Writing: Period 3

Monday: Non Student Day

Tuesday: 1.) Class Syllabus 2.) Pre-Writing: What is creativity? 

Wednesday: 1.) Describe the IDEAL day in Creative Writing using vivid imagery using the 2nd person 2.) Lines of Communication Exercise

Thursday:  1.) Why Creative Writing? 2.) DiscussionCommunity Guidelines Discussion on Google Classroom 3.) The POWER of Observation: It’s in the details.

Friday: 1.) Sound Off Freewrite 2.) Not-so-good, useful, Golden Details 3.) Game ON: Mining for Golden Details