This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 11.25-12.1

AP Seminar: Period 1

This week, we will begin to familiarize ourselves with Team Multimedia Presentation and begin to build on TOPICS of interest.  

Tuesday: EOC Section II Essay Revision: Content Analysis

H.W. Use Feedback to Revise and Rewrite your AP SEMINAR FREE RESPONSE Individual Argument.  Use PEER FEEDBACK, the Argument Outline Template , Essay Revision POWERPOINT, and Academic Conversation Templates to PROFESSIONALIZE your ideas.  The essay MUST be typed and written in MLA format (VIDEO TUTORIAL) and include a properly formatted Works Cited (VIDEO TUTORIAL) Page.  This is due on Monday, December 3rd.

Wednesday:  Presentation Retakes & AP Capstone Seminar Performance Task Handouts 1 and 2: Individual Research Report (Sample & Rubric) & Team Multimedia Presentation (Sample & Rubric)

Thursday: 1.) Read “This Article Won’t Change Your Mind” by Julie Beck 2.) Write E-Link Annotated Bibliography Three Articles about things that matter to you Themes and Perspectives

Friday: 1. Quaker Share and Quick Analysis“This Article Won’t Change Your Mind” 2. Topic Interest Interviews

H.W. Revise AP SEMINAR FREE RESPONSE Individual Argument, Flip Grid Introduction & Team Member Requests

Mexican American Literature: Period 2

Tuesday: Watch Film:  The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez written by Americo Paredes & Victor Villaseñor 

Wednesday: Finish Film and Corrido Archetypes

Thursday: 1.) Gregorio Cortez: the myth &  the man

Friday: 1.) Corridos as Counternarratives Unit Debrief Poems

English 3P Honors: Period 3 & 4

Tuesday: Colonial Poetry: Phyllis Wheatley and Philip Freneau and the poets’ vision of America.

Wednesday: Introduction to Debate

Thursday:Debate Prep Day 1

Friday: 1.  What is an Annotated Bibliography: How do you make one using SOAPS)? Debate Prep Day 2: After being given Debate Stance using previous Building a Democracy: Four Square Discussion stances and outline team member roles using TEAM DEBATES: Directions (PDF).

H.W. Over the weekend select TWO Sources from the COLLECTION 2: Building a Democracy and Research TWO CREDIBLE SOURCES to defend your group’s stance.  Create an Annotated Bibliography with an analytical summary of all your sources.  This will be due on Debate Day: Wednesday and Thursday, December 5 & 6.